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Birthdays, Gifts and You
"Every birthday deserves a celebration, every child deserves a good life!"

The above is the essence of this new program, as reiterated by the individual who originally conceived this idea.

The first "donor" for CRY-RDU under this extra-ordinary gesture is: Master Rohan Venkatraman , who will be turning ONE on 3/29/03. All gifts for Rohan's first birthday may be given as a check written to "CRY America, Inc.", and can be given either to Rohan, or mailed to the CRY action center at: 1708 Carnation Drive, Durham, NC 27703.

 Click here to find total gifts donated to CRY on behalf of Master Rohan.

 Birthdays, gifts and you is a new program that CRY has started in 2003, thanks to the innovative idea conceived by Rohan's parents M/s Uma and Ravi Venkatraman, members of the RDU Asian-Indian community. Through this novel idea, all gifts intended for a child's birthday celebration is directed to CRY to support one among its many projects devoted to child welfare. Thus, the goal of this program is to further CRY's overall mission of welfare of underprivileged children through raising public awareness as well as much-needed funds.

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